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Mark Bradley

Chief Executive Officer – LMN

Sales & Negotiations
Supercharge Your Sales Process
In this presentation Mark will cover the importance of a repeatable sales process and how to manage a sales funnel to increase revenue and profits simultaneously. A deep dive into how to use LMN to discover exactly where you need to make changes, where to focus your sales efforts, how to identify your best opportunities and avoid the pitfalls along the way using a "Profit Awareness Roadmap" to stay focused on overall company success.


Tony Bass

Landscape Consultant

Lean Landscaping
5 Productivity Secrets of Exceptionally Profitable Landscape Companies
With labor cost on the rise, we must discover ways to help our people and ourselves get more done in less time. We will cover 1) Talking Money with Employees, 2) Identifying Waste in the Field, 3) Implementing Employee Training Programs, 4) Organizing Tools and Equipment, and 5) Discovering Automation. Attend this seminar and learn 5 productivity secrets that exceptionally profitable landscape companies use to turn their companies into lean, efficient machines.


Frank Bourque

Hardscape Consultant

Tools & Apps / Mobile Office
The Mobile Office – There’s an App for That!
Learn how to set up a mobile office to run your business operations from anywhere and significantly increase productivity, efficiency, and profits. In this session, you will be shown creative ways to use technology to monitor, manage, brand and market your business with less effort and cost.


Troy Clogg

President – Troy Clogg Landscape Associates

Paperless Snow
Understanding the ‘Why' to Get to Your 'How'
Troy Clogg will deep dive into the importance knowing why your business exists and the effect of this knowledge on your company’s culture. Through a painted picture approach, Troy will demonstrate how implementing a paperless system empowered transparency, shaped the culture, improved training, enabled sharing, streamlined processes and grew the customer base allowing TCLA to become one of the leading snow companies in the Midwest.


George Uvari

President – Oriole Landscaping

Design Build Estimates
Getting to Design Build Estimation Nirvana
Design Build Estimation is a major drain on every landscape contractor. George will make sense of this complex task through identification of common estimating challenges and presenting common sense approaches to mitigating these challenges to save you from being burned.


Mike Lysecki

Chief Technical Officer – LMN

Feel like you can get more out of your LMN system but just need that little push? This is the track for you. Mike of LMN will be leading this engaging session where the questions asked directly by the audience will be answered by Mike. This session is guaranteed to provide any level of LMN user with key tips and tricks in an interactive, engaging and rapid fire approach.


Dexter Church

President – DLC Greenteam Landscaping

Maintenance & Service Estimates
Systems & Structure of a High-Volume Maintenance Business
Learn to systematically optimize a high-volume landscape maintenance operation, allowing it to run like clock-work and accommodate a fast growth curve. Covering contract creation, insuring profitability in recurring maintenance, route optimization, scheduling and tracking labor efficiency. Attendees will learn the tools required to accurately gather data and create systems in order to grow a successful maintenance division.


Ewan McNeill

Director Of Marketing – LMN

Digital Marketing
Finding the Signal in the Noisy Digital Marketing Landscape
In our digitally connected lives, the world of marketing is changing at a break neck pace. Trying to make sense of the evolving digital marketplace with the proliferation of new channels is enough to make anyone's head spin. In this session, Ewan McNeill will provide the attendee with critical insight to help decipher what is 'signal' and what is 'noise' in the ever changing digital marketing landscape.


Scott Wentworth

Owner / President – Wentworth Landscapes

Accountability & Incentives
Every Winning Team Wants to Keep Score!
Engagement from every member of our team comes from aligning the meaningful work we do with the goals we’ve set, and understanding our progress towards achieving them.  Integrating these vital elements of every winning team’s culture produces magical results!  This session will examine the WHY / HOW / WHAT of establishing and tracking performance goals and financial results, and how doing so creates an accountable, productive and consistently winning team.


Anthony Frisella

Director of Operations – Frisella Nursery

Business Evolution
The Generational Paradox
Anthony Frisella Jr., has worked for his family's business, Frisella Nursery, since he could hold a shovel. With a focus on building a fresh company culture and stressing the importance of personal development, Tony brought a new perspective and vision to a company that was founded in the 50's. Join Anthony on the journey to balance the traditional foundation of a 65-year-old, three-generation family business, and new technology and approaches that has activated rapid, high-level, long-term opportunities for growth.


Monica Muir

Owner – Muir & Associates

Accounting & Job Costing
Job Cost Essentials in QuickBooks
Want to get a better handle on your job costs? Monica Muir will walk attendees through common job cost mistakes. In addition, attendees will leave with an understanding of the essentials for setup and entering job costs that have big impacts on your job cost reports.


Kevin Gilbride

Executive Director – ASCA

Snow Industry Standards
In the Know: Snow Industry Standards
Released in 2014, The ANSI-Accredited Industry Standards, along with the Accredited Snow Contractors Association certification, help leading snow and ice management companies reduce and manage risk, increase sales, increase efficiency and develop overall stronger companies. Attend this session to find out how these will help your snow business, and the process it takes to get certified.


Joe Chiellini

President / CEO – Ameriscape Services

Strategic Planning
3 Simple Rules to Landscape Business Success
Joe Chiellini will share with the attendees his 3 Simple Rules that have enabled him to juggle multiple demands for his time both as a Fire Department Captain and as the leader of ASI Landscape that allowed him to grow that business into a $12 million operation.


Will Yarbrough

Sales Manager – Fleetio

Fleet Management
How to Leverage Fleet Technology to Do More With Less
Many landscape organizations struggle with their fleet management. In this session attendees will be presented with a new frame of reference focusing on the benefits of using technology to do more with less. Move away from manual processes and spreadsheets, determine which KPIs and metrics you should be collecting & measuring, and discover how to prevent bottlenecks and empower your fleet team.


Nathan Helder

Landscape Consultant

Staff Training
The Power of Staff Training
Are you frustrated that good people are hard to find? Angry that your staff join your competition or leave the industry? Worried that training costs too much money or worse yet, view training your staff as a liability? In this seminar you will learn how to strategically grow your business with your greatest asset - people. Learn how to be awarded the Employer of the Year Award and understand that staff training has a higher ROI than your equipment!

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Ryan Markewich

President – Creative Roots Landscaping

Company Culture
If Strategy is Important, Culture is Imperative!
Creative Roots Landscaping was founded in 1994. Since then, this small but mighty design, build & maintenance company has grown to include 3 employee partners and 15-20 employees based on a company culture that would leave any business drooling! Learn to educate employees, identify financial & non-financial targets, and establish benchmarks that everyone can participate in.


Bereniz Powe

Customer Care Administrator

Processes & Buy In
LMN from the Contract Administrators Perspective
Discover how best to leverage LMN to take a newly acquired company with no processes to a highly process-driven organization. This interactive session will provide strategies to obtain buy-in across the organization, as well as facilitation of the consistent and accountable application of the tools. Explore a case study illustrating how leveraging marketing and technology solved a client’s operational and informational gap in their services.


Jeffrey Scott

Landscape Consultant

Succession Planning
Developing Your Second in Command
Behind every successful Owner, there is a successful #2 person(s) acting in a crucial support position! In this workshop attendees will learn the key attributes of successful #2’s, and how to find and develop them, and ultimately how to build a Super Team. Attendees will come away with specific tools that will help better manage their relationship with their #2, (and vice versa) enabling both of you to do the best job ever, in order to hit your stretch business goals, develop a more self-run company, and ultimately enjoy the life of your dreams.